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Yes! You heard right. Credence beauty collections (CBC) is thrilled to welcome you to her affiliate program. For those who are just hearing
about the brand and wondering what it is all about; Credence beauty collection is a skin care brand dedicated to providing affordable yet effective  beauty routine products suitable for all races, skin types and tones.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing and would like to know what affiliate marketing is about, we have you covered! Affiliate marketing is simply an earn-by-commission system. All you have to do is promote and make a sale from your comfort zone and get a percentage on the sales made. That’s literally all to it! However CBC affiliate marketers have it easier because our products sell themselves. Not only are

our products effective, they are made with drops of  love, care and attention to detail taking into consideration the most sensitive types of skin.

This goes to say; more return customers equals more money being made by our affiliates.

How does the CBC Affiliate program work?

Well, that’s easy. Simply sign up on www.cbcdiary.com to get a referral code or link unique to you. Each time a customer makes a purchase using your code, you earn 15% on the value of purchase while the customer gets a 10% discount on their purchase and if a customer uses

your link, you will instantly earn 20% of the value of the purchase.

Cash rewards will be available to be withdrawn every week as long as you have up to 10usd ($10) in your wallet. How good can a deal
get? Of course that’s definitely a rhetorical question because this is one of the best affiliate deals. You can do your research.

Benefactors of the CBC Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is open to everyone. There is absolutely no limitation as regards who can sign up.
Are you a social butterfly? Use that to your advantage, rake in potential customers and make some passive income while you are at it. Are you a stay at home mum? Who says you can’t make some extra cash while changing dirty diapers? Are you a full time worker looking for an extra income source, then you are in the right place. Sign up and make money on the go. Are you an introvert? Make money from your comfort zone.
Make sales while we take care of production and order fulfillment. It’s easy, Everyone’s doing it!


We have created different dedicated support channels to assist affiliates with quick response to all their request that will enable them work and earn properly, please fill free to contact us using the displayed resource to help customize an offer for you, So you can have better increased earning options with us. we hope to hear form you soon.

Email ----    info@cbcdiary.com

WhatsApp--- +642102325984

Telegram Group----- https://t.me/CREDENCE_BEAUTY_COLLECTION